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How to Conceive a Girl Archives

Three Different Ways of How to Conceive a Girl

how to conceive a girl

How to conceive a girl are guidelines that you can follow to achieve your goal of girl conception. Couples who are thinking of a girl for an addition of two boys in the family should know the ways and methods of how to conceive a girl. It is important to know how sperm works in your body so you can follow the best ways of how to conceive a girl. Most helpful tips and methods are done the natural way along with scientific methods which help couples to conceive a girl. These methods have high success rate and proven scientifically effective.
•    Composition of sperms: when attempting of how to conceive a girl, couples should understand the elements and compositions of the sperms. The girl sperm and boy sperm has individual characteristics. Boy sperms are quick to reach the egg since they swim at a faster rate but dies off after a day or two while girl sperms are slower and takes long before it reaches the egg but can live up to three or four days. This means that though boy sperm swim faster but if there is no egg yet to fertilize until two days, they eventually dies off. While girl sperm though swim at a slower pace before it reaches the egg, it can wait long enough for the egg to drop thus giving a higher chance of girl conception. Knowing this idea is important to know when to try to conceive for higher chance of girl conception.
•    Timing of your ovulation: another way of how to conceive a girl is the timing of your cycle. Determining ovulation is quite difficult that it needs constant practice and observation of about three cycles before attempting to conceive for a sure way of girl conception. Using predictor kits are the best ways that can help you to determine your ovulation. Using saliva or urine test, the kits will give you a yes or no answer which is easy and convenient to use. When you are sure of your ovulation period, you can use timing conception that suits your date.
•    Baby girl diet: diet that favors of how to conceive a girl are foods that you probably like. Foods such as milk, cheese, egg and yogurt are just a few that favors a girl conception. The reason why these foods are favorable to girl conception is that they are naturally acidic. Of how to conceive a girl, diet should contain acid to give your body acidic environment which is not good for boy sperms as they are harmful to them. They cannot sustain when exposed to acidic environment unlike girl sperm that are strong which can live even in acidic surroundings.
How to conceive a girl consists of many other factors but these three different ways are helpful enough of how to conceive a girl. This information will greatly help you to achieve your goal of conceiving a girl by keeping in mind the characteristics of the sperms and knowing your ovulation period and timing. This will assist you of making your dream finally come true.

The Best Time of How to Conceive a Girl

how to conceive a girlHow to conceive a girl can be tricky at times especially if you are determining the exact time of your ovulation period. But when couples are strong willed just to have that little baby girl they’ve been dreaming of, nothing is difficult especially after having tried for a girl for years and still resulted to boy conception. You would not want to go wrong this time. So, it is important to be specific and accurate as much as possible for a positive result of selecting the gender of your baby. There are many aspects that contribute of how to conceive a girl but you can only hope for the best.
Here are effective tips that are scientifically proven of how to conceive a girl naturally:
•    3 to 4 days before ovulation is the best time of how to conceive a girl: determining the exact time of your ovulation period should be the priority of couples who wants to have a girl since this process is kind of tricky. It needs constant practice to finally know and be confident enough when you ovulate. When you are sure of the exact time of your ovulation, this would be the best time to try of how to conceive a girl. The idea is to have sexual intercourse 3 to 4 days before you ovulate because this will make the boy sperm to die off since it is not a long lived sperm. This will make the girl sperm outstand and fertilize the egg when dropped. Knowing the best time of how to conceive a girl is really important for a higher chance of girl conception. Never attempt to conceive unless you are sure when the right time your ovulation period occurs is. This will prevent wrong gender conception.
•    Refrain from sexual intercourse for a time: this means that you should avoid having sexual intercourse further until such time that you are sure that you are pregnant. This will prevent boy sperm from winning over the girl sperm. If you have sexual intercourse at the best possible time for girl conception, it is good to let the girl fertilize and develop the egg rather than introducing boy sperm which will eventually spoil the idea of how to conceive a girl because there is a possibility that the boy sperm will win over girl sperm if ejaculation exists early after the time of supposed girl conception. You can have sex but no ejaculation for a time being.
•    Diet preparation for girl conception: of how to conceive a girl, it is important to prepare your body for girl conception through diet preparation. If you are aiming for a girl conception, you should prepare and introduce acidic foods to your body. This way along with other tips, ensure of a great possibility of getting pregnant with a girl. Girl gender prefers acidic environment while boy gender prefers alkaline environment. Foods that contain acid such as milk, yogurt, egg and cheese are great for future girl conception.
How to conceive a girl is a couple’s answered prayer who really desires a baby girl in the family. Following these simple methods can greatly help and assist you to a successful girl conception. With the right attitude and determination, nothing is impossible.

The Best Ways on How to Conceive a Girl

how to conceive a girlA lot of ways are said to be effective in conceiving a girl. But there is a natural way on how to deal with this kind of “finger crossing” situation.
Actually, conceiving a girl is the easiest way in gender selection. In statistics, it is clearly detailed that women have greater number than men. It is for the reason that during fertilization process a girl sperm is slower but lasts for 4 days longer than the male carrying sperm. Hence, girl carrying sperm has greater chances in uniting with egg.
A diet can be done to conceive a girl. Eating foods with high level of acidity will help you to achieve a baby girl. Acidic is also known as having a high level of PH. I am pertaining to the effect of the food in our body when it is metabolized. Acidic foods are the following:
VEGETABLES such as Lentils, Corn, Olives & Squash;
FRUITS such as Blueberries, Canned, Glazed Fruits, Cranberries, Currants, Plums, & Prunes. Although prunes is alkaline but it has an acidifying effect when absorbed by the body;
GRAINS & GRAIN PRODUCTS such as Barley, Bran, Oats, Wheat, Bread, Cornstarch, Crackers, Flour, Macaroni, Noodles, Rice (all), Rice Cakes, Rye, Spaghetti, etc;
BEANS & NUTS such as Black beans, Chick peas, Green Peas, Red beans, Soy beans, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts & Peanut;
DAIRY PRODUCTS such as Butter, cheese, Ice cream & Milk;
ANIMAL PROTEINS such as Bacon, beef, Clams, Cod, Corned Beef, Fish, Lamb, Lobster, Mussels, Oyster, pork, Salmon, Sardines, sausage, Scallops, Shellfish, Shrimp, Tuna, & turkey;
FATS & OILS such as Avocado Oil, Canola Oil, Corn Oil, Lard, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil & Sunflower Oil;
Other foods like Catsup, Cocoa, Coffee, Mustard, Pepper, *Soft Drinks & Vinegar has also acidifying effect.

These details can help you determine the foods that have an acidifying effect so that you will determine what food to eat. *Take note that Soft drinks/Soda is not recommended for pregnant woman so better check and ask your doctor about it. You can add these lists in your diet so that you have hints on what food you’re going to take and you could have a greater chance in conceiving a girl. Too much is also dangerous and might affect your pregnancy, so balanced diet and self-discipline is a must have.
I would say that by using a pH testing strip can help in determining the pH level of your body. pH is demarcated as a negative decimal logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in a solution. You can check your pH level by using your urine. pH level ranges from 0-14. The normal pH of a body is level 7, a level higher than 7 is alkaline. And the pH level lower than 7 is known to be acidic. pH strip test is available in leading drug stores nationwide and also you can buy it .
Gender selection is a 50/50 proposition, so you are very lucky if your conception is passable on what you really want to conceive.

How to conceive a girl takes a lot of research and information for a more positive result. Information is highly available anywhere when it comes to how to conceive a girl. Gathering details as much as you can will help you understand more on how to conceive a girl effectively. Natural way is the most famous method of how to conceive a girl since it doesn’t cost much and can be done right at the comfort of your own home.

how to conceive a girl

There are many factors to consider of how to conceive a girl such as knowing the exact ovulation period, timing of sexual intercourse, sexual positioning and of course diet modification. Diet modification before trying to conceive plays a vital role for selecting the gender of the baby. Over the years, this method is proven to be more successful and effective among others when it comes to gender selection by ionic equilibrium. Receptors are in influenced by shifting of the ionic concentration of the bodily environment. Different ratio of minerals is an important role in determining the sex of the baby such as the sodium and potassium to calcium and magnesium to have a positive result of how to conceive a girl.

Diet modification is to be followed 4-6 weeks before trying to conceive. When considering the diet modification you need the help of professional and qualified dieticians that specialize in gender selection which will supervise and formulate the diet to help you on how to conceive a girl. This process includes a careful planning of your diet while trying to reach your body chemistry changes that is needed for preconception sex selection.

How to conceive a girl can be achieve by changing your body chemistry by way of preconception gender diet. Through this method you can change your PH level and be more acidic to lower the possibility of the male sperm to reach the egg since male sperm is weak and dies shortly when expose to acidic environment thus giving a bigger chance for the girl sperm to fertilize the egg.

Ionic equilibrium diet modification can be reached by controlling the diet to make the ratio of positive ions to negative ions and helping the diet with supplements. Taking acidic foods more than of alkaline foods to create a more acidic environment of the vagina that will harm the boy sperm is advised to gain a bigger chance of how to conceive a girl.

How to conceive a girl would include diets that are high in calcium and magnesium but low in sodium and potassium.  Foods that are rich in calcium include yogurt, milk, egg and cheese while spinach is rich in magnesium and low in sodium content. The intake of salt should be low and definitely no caffeine throughout the process. Acidic foods such as cranberry (raw), grapefruit, oranges and lemons helps your vaginal environment more acidic which enhances your possibility of girl conception. By sticking with the diet, the egg is more receptive to female bearing sperm thus giving a larger percent of possibility of conceiving a girl. It is important to seek the advice of a professional doctor to ensure a positive result of how to conceive a girl and to ensure that your diet is well planned according to the needs of your body.

Myths and Facts of How to Conceive a Girl

how to conceive a girlHow to conceive a girl are ways to ensure that you will bring a daughter into this world. I always suggest getting a copy of the “Prince or Princess Guide” to fully understand baby gender selection There are a myth that says is effective and real but there are methods that are reliable and backed up by scientific evidence. So which one would you choose of how to conceive a girl? When couples are desperate enough of how to conceive a girl, you can’t blame them if they try every possible way just to make their dream come true even believing myths. But some methods and techniques are scientifically proven to deliver a positive result when it comes to gender selection which is more reliable than the rest.

Here are the facts and myths of how to conceive a girl:

  • Does family history determine the gender of your baby? It’s a MYTH. It doesn’t mean that when mostly boys runs in the family, you will likely have a baby boy too. There is no scientific basis for this theory that concludes as such. The gender of your baby depends on the chromosome X and Y of the father which fertilizes the egg.
  • Female orgasm: it is a widespread theory with some medical backing, so it is a FACT. When woman experienced orgasm before man, she would likely bear a baby boy because of the fact that she is making the vaginal environment more of an alkaline which favors boy sperm. To know how to conceive a girl, women should refrain from experiencing orgasm until the man finishes ejaculation to maximize the chance of a girl sperm to reach the egg. Acidic environment is damaging to boy sperm which makes it hard to reach the egg thus giving the girl sperm the edge over boy sperm.
  • Calendar method: does full moon have to do anything with gender selection? It’s a MYTH. No scientific basis proves that choosing the odd and even days and full moon results to the desired gender of your baby unless you based it with the biological calendar of the woman. How to conceive a girl through scientific and natural method has proven effective.
  • Sexual position: can sexual position affect the gender of the baby? Yes, it’s a FACT. Though there are some that are unconvinced but based on scientific theory that depositing the sperm of the man close to the vagina makes a baby boy conception while using a sexual position that does not entail deep penetration would favor for a girl conception. Of how to conceive a girl, depositing the sperm far from the cervix would give the girl sperm the higher chance to reach the egg and fertilize it. This is because boy sperm cannot withstand the acid of the vagina thus travelling a far distance is close to impossible. Unlike the girl sperm that can withstand acidic environment therefore has the edge to reach the egg.

How to conceive a girl really has many methods with all the folk’s tale and myths that are coming out that claims success. But it is upon the couple’s discretion which to choose and follow of how to conceive a girl as long as they are aware of the possible circumstances. There is no total guarantee in every natural method even with scientific backings only high percentage of success rate.

How to Conceive a Girl With Guaranteed Methods

how to conceive a girlLearning how to conceive a girl was one of my concerns prior to my discovery of Alicia’s e-book entitled “Prince or Princess Guide” which encapsulates proven effective ways for accurate and precise gender selection.  My name is Nathalie Williams from Detroit and I want my story to be known to everyone to set an example on how I finally got my baby girl using the all-natural methods on how to conceive a girl as proposed by Alicia Pennington who was a midwife, and now is now a gender selection consultant. I am now a happy and fulfilled mom after I labored out my fifth child named Danica. She is the family’s missing piece as every one of us tried to look for a baby girl to cuddle on. I am proud to say my daughter Danica was a product of experimentation on the work of Alicia as guided upon her e-book which outlines the real tricks on how to conceive a girl of your dreams.

Conceive a Girl 94% Success


My husband Thomas never liked the idea of having another baby as there was no certainty if the baby would be a girl this time. He was so hesitant and the worse so negative with all of the said to be effective ways on how to conceive a girl that has been popping out in the internet. I did not blame him for that. Nevertheless, I made him be convinced to try out our luck with my new discovery of Alicia’s ingenious work as compressed in her e-book. To guarantee him a higher chance of success, this time I bought two different e-books  which are both claiming to have effective methods on how to conceive a girl of your choice.  I compared the two resources and found out that Alicia’s work was so structured in a very professional and systematic way with all information carefully explained and elaborated. Plus, there  were also graphical presentations which made my understanding very concrete and easy. With a copy of Alicia’s work, I hurried back to my husband and presented the material to him. I was thrilled as to what is going to be his decision. Until, I saw a tiny yet teasing smile from his lips saying in a very excited tone “Let’s do it!”

100% Risk FREE Expert Guide


When I got pregnant, we were both anxious and enthusiastic as what is going to be the result of our experimentation.  We waited for a few months until we hurried ourselves to a clinic nearby to be ultrasound. To our greatest amazement and surprise, we jumped over and over again for being so happy. I could never forget how happy my husband was upon knowing we finally have a beautiful angel to cuddle on. The money that I spent for the material which gave me tips on how to conceive a girl was worth it. I and Thomas was so thankful for Alicia and his work on how to conceive a girl which transformed our lives, our family, and our home to a better one.

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Risk Free How to Conceive a Girl System

how to conceive a girlI hate to admit the fact that I was once a very desperate mother in search for true and authentic methods on how to conceive a girl as always been desired. I surfed the internet and have discovered multiple materials which were claiming to be authentic and proven approaches on how to conceive a baby girl. Due to being so desperate, I bought around eight different copies of the materials on gender selection, but end up just being frustrated. I once entertained the idea of utilizing the modern yet expensive method of gender selection via IVF. But when I knew that the procedure is not at all 100% plus the health of the baby would be put to great risk, I withdrew my interest and go for other alternative resources. This was when I encountered Alicia’s e-book “Prince or Princess Guide” which delineates her proven methods and ways on how to conceive a girl in an all-natural, risk-free, and no side effect process.

To verify the veracity of this testimonial, allow me to introduce myself.  I am by the way Betty  Fieldings from Ohio, now a happy, contented, and fulfilled mother after my third child Dianne was made a reality. I and my husband Eddie were actually in high hopes that our second child would be a girl since the first was a boy, but it turned out not as what was expected and hoped for. We were a bit frustrated but of course we still love our son Michael. The thing is, we were really that persistent to have a daughter to complete the circle of our family.  Hence, we hovered around several said to be effective methods which relate on how to conceive a girl which are found in the internet and handpicked the most convincing, scientifically acclaimed, and systematically organized content. And, what we purchased was the e-book on how to conceive a girl as authored by Alicia Pennington. The material was professionally explained and logically presented. The three steps were very much easy to follow just as instructed. Graphics are also available for further reinforcement of everyone’s understanding. So,  we did everything just as stressed out in the e-book and were happy to see the result.  We finally have a baby girl just as we wanted to have. We did not undergo painful surgeries, or any of the hefty method in selecting gender for our baby. What we simply did was the three easy steps outlined in the e-book which is centered on the timing of the ovulation, adjustment of our diet, and sexual positions.

Every information stipulated in the material which talks about on how to conceive a girl was carefully elaborated which made us to follow easily the instructions provided. Hence, we were able to reap out the result having now a baby girl whom we greatly desired. I don’t know how to thank Alicia for having created and devised the most promising methods on how to conceive a girl effectively and inexpensively using only her e-book entitled “Prince or Princess Guide”.

how to conceive a girlI am  Elizabeth Dunkan from Los Angeles city and I was one of the mothers who was in search for true and efficient ways on how to conceive a girl in the most effective way possible. Lucky as one might say, I am now a fulfilled mother after I delivered my beautiful and healthy baby girl named Denisse. She is the child I’ve been wishing to have for almost eight years.  She has been my greatest fulfilment and achievement in life as I see my image on her. This good thing that happened to me is actually attributed to Alicia’s proven methods on how to conceive a girl as stressed out on her world-renowned e-book “Prince or Princess Guide”.

Before my discovery of the e-book which is packed with systematically and scientifically based content on how to conceive a girl, I was one of the victims of false methods which have been propagated throughout the pages of the internet. I was of one of those seemingly frustrated mothers who are in deep cravings to have a baby girl in the family. And, I was one of those who tried out other alternative options claiming to be successful, and yet failed in the end.

But the thing is, despite such failures, I never stop looking for other strategies and techniques on how to conceive a girl. Which fortunate enough, I was able to stumble over Alicia’s proven effective methods on how to conceive a girl which are all-natural, risk-free, and guaranteed no side effects. Although I have some hesitations in mind brought about by my past experiences, I still took the risk rather than not doing anything at all to have a baby girl. I grabbed myself a copy of the e-book and found out firsthand its effectiveness and the veracity of its claims.

Having studied carefully the content of the e-book, I and my husband applied the three easy steps as stipulated in the material. As much as the processes were too easy to follow, they were also very natural and simple. I could not help myself from being so excited after we tried the methods of Alicia Pennington.  It was such a great experience for me and my entire family to have encountered the proven methods and techniques on how to conceive a girl without spending so much money just like other methods do especially with the use of modern ways of gender selection.

Hence, I would like to be a living example for every couple in the world to try out the methods that we have utilized. Alicia’s work has been proven by herself, by over 8,000 people already, and by me definitely. I have proven the methods well, and it’s guaranteed that it will also work for you.  You don’t know how much you will be saving by utilizing this all new proven techniques and approaches on how to conceive a girl as manifested in the e-book entitled “Prince or Princess Guide”.

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Top Rated How to Conceive a Girl System

how to conceive a girlI hate to exaggerate things in lieu of persuasion that is why I would just be simple in telling you on how I transformed my life totally upon learning the effective methods on how to conceive a girl as authored and pioneered by world-renowned gender selection specialist—Alicia Pennington. I am Virginia Howard from New Mexico and I am now a complete mother after I delivered my fourth child named Angelica.

Before  I was able to get sight of Pennington’s  proven effective ways on how to conceive a girl as paraded in her e-book “Prince or Princess Guide”, I was the most desperate mother in the world in want to have a daughter.  My husband Tommy was beginning to stop hoping for the chance to have a baby girl, but I was different. The he lost hope, the more I became persistent. That is my personality.  I never stop on things until I become successful that I owed so much from my character. Because if not with my persevering attitude; I would not have achieved my greatest fulfilment and victory in my life.

However, though I was that desperate on having a baby girl as my child, I never let myself be fooled easily over the said to be effective methods on how to conceive a girl as proliferating in the internet. I was very much wise knowing that these information online are just to lure out buyers of their products. Do you know who changed my negative outlook and attitude towards these contents related to gender selection found on the internet? It was Tommy whom I thought hopeless already. So I was struck and admitted the fact that even if some people are trying to take advantage of the situations just like what we have, there are still those  who are really geared towards helping out other people by giving out true and proven techniques on how to conceive a baby girl. So, what I did? I browsed over the internet, until I finally crossed over Alicia’s webpage which talks about selecting gender of babies in a 94% accuracy. I was hooked with the words presented in the site as the information on how to conceive a girl were displayed in a very organized manner with testimonials enclosed. I bought a copy of Alicia’s e-book and carefully studied everything in it.  To my interest, I found out that the contents in the e-book were structured so easily and understandably. I presented the material that outlines the ways on how to conceive a girl to my husband, and we did everything as instructed in the e-book.

When I got pregnant, I was so excited to find out what is going to be our child’s gender. Would it be a girl as promised in the e-book? Or would it just be a boy as the pattern says. My husband Tommy was also in great excitement to know the gender of our next baby. To our great surprise, the baby was indeed a girl! We don’t know how happy we were upon knowing the result. We finally have made our family complete. That is why, for all couples out there, try now the method of Alicia Pennington which delineates effective methods on how to conceive a girl just as you always dream to be having.

How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

how to conceive a girlOne of my objectives  for my family was to learn how to conceive a girl as effectively as possible. Literally, I tried many of the methods on how to conceive a girl as paraded in the internet directories and WebPages but all I got were empty words of promises. God knows how much I wanted to have a baby girl for my family, but it seemed that I and my husband were too unlucky. Whatever was the reason why we can’t have a baby girl; that I did not know.  Not until I crossed over Alicia’s work which brags on a 94% accuracy, I was then educated to the reasons behind our problem not being able to have a baby girl for our family.

I might sound like I’m selling out Alicia’s methods, but I’m not and I don’t but it would be a great bonus for me if you will simply believe. I made this testimonial to express what has been truly experienced by me as a mother. I was never yet that happy after I learned I was going to have a baby girl after 6 years of waiting. So, allow me to introduce myself to everyone who will be reading this testimonial of mine.

My name is Jacqueline Bruner from San Francisco. I live with my husband Brent along with our three children starting with Joshua who is now 12 years old, Robbie who is now 7 years old, and my 3 year old Alyssa. There is nothing which make us feel contented and complete until our only baby girl came out.  As mentioned above, I tried several methods on how to conceive a girl of our choice as claimed to be effective, but end up frustrated. My husband was about to surrender having a baby much with the recession felt across the United States, but it was me who persuade him to try  out once more.

This time I really made it sure that I won’t fail with my goal. One day, I was told by a friend about Alicia’s work on how to conceive a girl in the internet as her work is becoming more and more popular with many couples trying out her strategies. Filled with so much hope, I browsed over the webpage of Alicia Pennington who wrote the e-book “Prince or Princess Guide”, and was surprised to the clarity of the information presented. So, without any hesitation in mind, I purchased a copy of the e-book   and learned the secrets on how to conceive a girl effectively. My husband was a bit hesitant but luckily I convinced him to use the methods as instructed in the e-book.  When I got pregnant, we were both excited to know the result. And to our great happiness and joy, we found out that we’re going to have a baby girl soon. My heart was about to leap out of happiness and so was my husband’s.

I don’t know how to repay Alicia for having produced the kind of effective techniques on how to conceive a girl at an inexpensive way. Without her e-book, I and my husband would not have completed our family. Hence, with all sincerity I thank Alicia personally for having devised such proven and true methods on how to conceive a girl just like every mother dreams to have.

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