Conceiving a Boy – Tips for a 94% Success Rate

Conceiving a boy With These 5 Effective Steps

conceiving a boy Planning on conceiving a boy? You must be wondering is really possible to select the preferred gender of a baby? The answer is YES, it is possible to conceive a boy when methods are applied the right way. Couples who are aiming and wanting to start conceiving a boy at this time can now achieve it through five effective steps that they need to follow. Scientific methods are proven effective with so many success rates when selecting the gender of your baby but there are also natural methods you can apply. These five methods just merely scratch the surface when it comes to conceiving a boy. If you want an intensive guide and every detail you can do to help plan your baby boy I would recommend getting a copy of the “Prince or Princess Guide” it is an excellent resource and defiantly worth every time.

Here are a few effective steps towards success in conceiving a boy:

1)     Understanding the theory: understanding the characteristics of each chromosome is important. Chromosome Y is the male sperm which is quicker and the fast swimmer compared to the X chromosome which is the female sperm. The Y chromosome maybe quicker but cannot live that long and weaker than that of the X chromosome which is strong and can live even up to 4 days before they die off.

2)     Timing of intercourse is crucial: timing of intercourse when conceiving a boy is really important. As much as possible, try and have intercourse to the closest possible time of the ovulation period. The male sperm cannot live long enough to wait for the egg, so sexual intercourse should be done in time with the exact ovulation period of the woman to fertilize it, otherwise, the female sperm will reach the egg if you engage in sexual intercourse a day or two before ovulation period.

3)     Correct sexual position: it is important to use the right sexual position to maximize the chances of conceiving a boy. Deep penetration is the correct way to perform during sexual intercourse to give the male sperm a short distance to travel to fertilize the egg. Y chromosome or the male sperm cannot live long enough to acidic environment of the vagina.  During ejaculation, the penis should situate to the closest possible to the cervix to allow male sperm to swim fast and reach the egg first before it dies off. The common sexual position used for conceiving a boy is the “doggie style” and the” reverse-cowgirl style”.

4)     Female orgasm first: it is helpful when conceiving boy that during sexual intercourse for the female to experience orgasm first because this changes the PH level of the vagina allowing it to be friendlier to the Y sperm. This allows the Y sperm to live a little longer because it helps the vagina to be less acidic and more of an alkaline.

5)     Eating the right kind of food: eating the right kind of foods certainly affects the gender of your baby. Foods that contain sodium and potassium certainly helps when conceiving a boy. But you should not take too much salty foods to avoid unhealthy pregnancy. Bananas are rich in potassium that favors for a baby boy. Peaches, corn and red meat are just a few that enhances the chance of conceiving a boy.For more information keep reading the second half of this article.

Conceiving a boy can be achieved with the right attitude by simply following these simple steps. However, this is not accurate for gender selection but proven to be effective when followed accordingly. These steps are noted to have high percent of success rate. You need to have a positive attitude with whatever the outcome will be, whether it’s a boy or girl. After all your baby is a heaven’s gift.

Alica Pennington is an expert in the field she has had a 94% success rate with her clients and has released the “Prince or Princess Guide” to help people like you have the family of their dreams. Its a great read and I would personally recommend it for more in-depth information.

Conceiving a Boy With The Help of a Simple Diet

Conceiving a boyConceiving a boy can be done through many different methods that couples can choose from. There are many methods that can very from natural methods to more pill form methods. Planning your baby’s gender is not always guaranteed, however you can increase your odds. The whole goal is to help the male sperm make it to the egg before the female sperm does. Here are some tips that can of help when conceiving a boy.

Diet Preference for conceiving a boy:

  • High-calorie diet: making certain changes to your diet improve chances of conceiving a boy. A diet that is high in calorie helps to greater the percentage of the woman to conceive a boy. Women who are trying to conceive should increase their calorie intake of about 400 calories to have a baby boy and never skip breakfast and meals to avoid encouraging development of girl embryo. As the result of research study, pregnant women who ate breakfast regularly had about 87 percent of chances of conceiving a baby boy.
  • Eat alkaline foods: to better have a greater chance of conceiving a boy, foods that are alkaline should be taken such as vegetables which are high in nutrients like broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, pumpkin, lettuce, etc. Avoid eating acidic food as to not harm the Y chromosome to allow it to survive and fertilize the egg and produce boy fetus thus increasing a chance of conceiving a boy. Not only is the woman advised to eat vegetables and more alkaline food but also the husband. Both couples should not eat cold or frozen foods but only room temperature foods.
  • Rich in potassium and salty foods should be taken:  foods that are more of nutrients such as potassium are good to give higher chances of having a boy such as banana, strawberry, apple, avocado, almonds and potato. Salty foods also help of conceiving a boy such as apricots, nuts, figs and raisins. Red meats are preferred as they are rich in potassium. Foods that are high in glucose are scientifically associated with the development of a boy gender as done in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) research. When conceiving a boy, couples should avoid acidic foods such as yogurt and cheese as they increase female fetus development as well as processed food which are lacking in nutrients.

Conceiving a boy can be determined through diet modification but it is not a guarantee of a hundred percent positive result. This is only one method that can help and increase the chances of couples who want to know conceiving a boy in the family. In the end, only time can tell whether you are having a boy or a girl no matter how hard you try of conceiving a boy,  although following some methods really brings a success of preferred gender selection. What is important is that whether it is a girl or a boy, you welcome it with open and loving arms.

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