How to Have a Boy Through Natural and Scientific Methods

How to have a boy comes with natural and scientific methods and techniques. It is however safer to use these methods since it doesn’t involve medications and invasive procedures. Sometimes, couples are considering the cost that would help them of how to have a boy. There are methods that really cost very high such as procedures that requires doctor specialist to do the job such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and sperm sorting. But there are many options to choose from of how to have a boy that really doesn’t cost that much. Techniques and helpful tips are practical options for couples who are longing to have a baby boy through natural and scientific method that cost less.

how to have a boy

  • Boy conception through “Ovulation”: Gender selection can be achieved by determining the time of your ovulation period. Using predictor kit helps to know the exact ovulation period of a woman. When learning how to have a boy, sexual intercourse should be done in time of the ovulation period or one day after. Scientific method shows that using a reliable predictor kits for determining the ovulation can help to accurately detect exact ovulation. Never attempt to conceive if you are unsure of your ovulation period. You must practice getting the exact time of your ovulation for about 3 cycles. By this time, you would exactly know when your ovulation period is.
  • Best sexual position of how to have a boy: When trying to conceive a boy, you need to use the method of deep penetrating sexual position to deposit the sperm closest possible to the cervix to give the boy sperm a short distance travel. Since these boy sperms are naturally fast swimmer, they would likely to reach the egg first and fertilize it before the girl sperm does. Couples should exercise the best sexual position of how to have a boy. This position will maximize the odds of a boy conception.
  • Sodium and Potassium diet: Woman should take a diet high in sodium and potassium to enhance of how to have a boy. There should be a doctor’s permission when trying to have the diet to ensure your health’s safety. A considerable amount of sodium is advised and not too much as this may harm your health. Salty foods are to be taken moderately. Bananas are famous to have rich in potassium which is good to maximize your chances of how to have a boy.
  • Other tips: It is said that before having a sexual intercourse, the man is advised to drink cups of coffee to give the boy sperms strength and vigor which helps them to be quicker that helps of how to have a boy.

Avoid acidic food to lessen the acidity of the environment of the vagina which gives a friendlier environment for the boy sperm.

How to have a boy brings hope to couples with the combination of natural and scientific methods. It is cost-effective and the techniques are very easy to follow. Having a boy in the family is worth every effort. These methods are very practical which is used by many couples who have successfully achieved their dreams of having a baby boy at last.

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