How to Have a Boy Using Three Natural Techniques

how to have a boy

How to have a boy make take some time because some methods needs to be practiced for a few months before you will be able to start conceiving. But nevertheless, waiting is just a small sacrifice when the reward is overwhelming. Ovulation plays a vital role of how to have a boy to be as accurate as possible. Women should consider doing the determination of their ovulation period for a few months before attempting to conceive. Timing is of essence when trying to conceive a boy and it should not be taken for granted unless you are serious of how to have a boy this time. The risk of getting the wrong gender may lie in your hand since it is your responsibility how you are going to take these methods.

  • Timing is vital: timing of conception is a very important factor of how to have a boy. Ovulation period of the woman should be determined first before attempting conception. You may find this a little difficult especially if you are unaware how it’s going to be done. But you need not worry too much about it because of the advance technology today; everything is made easier for everybody. A helpful ovulation detector kit is what you need to help you determine the exact time of your ovulation. Although there are many ways of detecting ovulation which can also help you determine when you ovulate such as noting the changes of your cervical mucus and basal body temperature. Once you are confident enough to know in your body that you are ovulating, this is the best time to have sex to get the result of how to have a boy.
  • Deep penetration is advised: Shettles method suggests using a deep penetration sex position to enhance boy sperm to develop the egg. The “doggy style” is one famous style that uses deep penetration that gives the boy sperm an edge over the girl. This method lets the boy sperm to have a shorter trip going to the egg since sperms are deposited closer to the egg using deep penetration sex.
  • Woman should experience orgasm first: this method also gives help to boy sperm for a good head start because when the woman experience orgasm, it raises the movement of the sperm closer to the cervix. This is very advantageous for the boy sperm because he will likely reach the egg first since he swims faster than the girl sperm and be the one to develop it. When women experience orgasm, it also gives the vaginal tract a more alkaline environment that favors of how to have a boy.

How to have a boy involves different kinds of methods and techniques that guides couples to reaching their goal, conceiving a baby boy. These methods are provided to help couples increase their chances of how to have a boy without spending way too much. This is also a safe technique that can be applied to women with normal fertility. This is so far the easiest and the most convenient methods of how to have a boy because you can do this right at the comfort of your own home without having to go to the doctor often.

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