Logical and Effective Tips of How to Conceive a Boy

how to conceive a boyHow to conceive a boy surely gives endless hopes to partners who desire to have a boy as an addition to their family. Since we are aiming a baby boy this time, let me give you details and explanation why these methods taken from Shettles’ principle is logical and effective when it comes to selecting the sex of your baby. Although there are some that contradicts this method, but since it claimed a high success rate of gender selection, many couples choose these methods and believe it to be effective and reliable as well of how to conceive a boy.
•    Alkaline foods: when trying for a male conception, foods play a great role of how to conceive a boy to be effective. It is advised that in order to outdo female conception, eating alkaline foods is really a must. The explanation shows that since boy sperm are more prone to die off easily when surrounded with acidic area. Providing it with a friendlier environment helps the boy sperm to live longer. Lowering your acidity and PH level enhances the chance of how to conceive a boy thus favors male sperm to develop giving it an edge over female sperm. Foods that are rich in alkaline such as almost all kinds of vegetables are very good for your body except for corn because it contains high PH, while orange juice is believed to be acidic but contrary to that belief, it is more of an alkaline along with watermelon and spinach.
•    Douching to lower PH level: douching can make a big difference to lower your PH level that helps of how to conceive a boy. This is an inexpensive way of altering your body’s PH level but before doing the process, you need to test your PH level using PH level strips available in your health shops. This way, you know how much baking soda you need to get the full effect of douching. Continue monitoring your PH level until you get the desired level then you are ready to start trying for a boy conception.
•    Time your conception: you may be able to do the above steps that help you of how to conceive a boy, but you need to understand that it is not enough. You need to learn to time your conception to achieve your goal of boy conception. Timing of sexual intercourse is a must in order to maximize the chance of how to conceive a boy. It is advised to have sex during your exact time of your ovulation period to let boy sperm to develop the egg when it drops off. When the egg is released during ovulation, the boy sperm is there readily waiting for it.
How to conceive a boy really has a lot of factors that are essential for a boy conception to be successful. These methods are just part of it which greatly helps couples to finally making their dream turn into reality, having a baby boy in the family. Let me emphasize that these methods does not guarantee of a perfect gender selection process but only guides that helps and enhances of how to conceive a boy.

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